Adventurers Room

Our Jollies House Adventurers, (pre-school), is a beautifully resourced classroom with a focus on school-readiness again equipped with a fabulous bespoke trim trail and open plan garden.

About Adventurers

Once your child has spent their first formative years as an Explorer, the year before your child starts school they will transition into our pre-school room, as one of our intrepid Adventurers. This development is a smooth new beginning In a familiar environment and forms part of your child’s natural evolution as they start to mature.


Your child at this stage, will automatically want to challenge themselves that little bit more, and become more interested in numbers, words and the world around them. The practitioners that manage the Adventurers pre-school room are again specialised in developing your child’s pre-school skills, they will carry on the work that has already been installed as an Explorer, however the focus will be on school–readiness and developing your child’s numbers and phonics, alongside your child’s personal, social and emotional development, communication and language progression and to continually boost their physical skills both fine and gross motor.


We will encourage your child to focus on an activity for a length of time, to develop their philosophical thinking in a more indepth, thorough and comprehensive way, and to ensure that by the time your child starts school they have all the physical skills and academic attributes they will need to be successful when they start their next big adventure in Reception class.


We continue to build on the good work that your child would have accomplished as an Explorer and further develop the skill set that has already been achieved. Both Explorer and Adventurer Early Years Practitioners ensure a close handover of your child’s achievements, thus enabling a seamless move that provides not only the nurturing that we always uphold as well as enabling us to specifically focus on the areas that your child both exceeds in, as well as those that may also need extra support.
Free flow play​
Learn't skill sets
The Adventurers are still nursery, with free flow play, continual access to outside on the trim trail and garden area and creative fun being at the centre of Jollies House, your child enjoying themselves whilst learning during their time with us is central to everything that we do. Your child is only ever encouraged to take part in activities that inspires them and ones that they want to do. Although there is a little more spotlight on focused learning, your child will always have the opportunity to choose what and how they engage in the activities and resources that are presented and available to them. However, our positive engagement and the method of being ‘in the moment’, focusing on what the children are absorbed in and following their lead allows us to engage them in all aspects of nursery life. We are tuned to developing your child’s interests in all that we provide igniting their desire to learn and respecting their intelligence, ensuring that they gain everything they can from Jollies House. The Adventurers pre-school room is still a fresh and contemporary classroom with fabulous facilities and resources. The activities are purposely thought through and prepared to ensure your child is engaged and stretched so that they can achieve more complex tasks.

By the time our Adventurers leave us for school we envisage that they will have a wide knowledge of numerals, sequencing, sorting and recognising numbers and the ability to understand quantities, what is bigger and what is smaller as well as a clear understanding of pre-positions. We will want your child to recognise their name and for your child to be able to hold a pencil correctly and to be able to start forming letters. We have a clear and systematic phonics programme so that your child will learn basic letter sounds and form an understanding of how to pronounce certain sounds and what objects start with certain letters. To understand the concept of forming words, story comprehension, what happens next, alongside a clearer knowledge of what words can achieve and how to express them. We know how to encourage your child to be excited and to start to understand the world around them and what it means to be a special part of it.

All of this is done through play, nurture, and at your child’s speed, we will follow their journey and add to it and expand it.