Explorers Room

Our Explorers are located in a large spacious well resourced room with a considerable and generous open plan garden and an undercover area that can be accessed in all weathers for children aged 2 years old until the year before they go to school.

About Explorers

The Explorers enjoy a fresh and contemporary room, with the ethos on free flow play, the children are encouraged to explore, share and develop their self help skills, be kind to their friends, interact with their peers, and we are advocates of cooperative play, seeking out others to both share experiences and to form special relationships and friendships. We will develop your child’s responsibility to carry out small tasks and for them to start expressing their preferences and interests. We want your child to enjoy rhymes and songs, listen to stories, learning the actions and words, to start saying and understanding two part and three part and more complex sentences and to develop their own ideas of different concepts.


We have a philosophical way of thinking and encourage this from your child, we look to your child to initiate their ideas, thoughts and feelings, being in the moment and building on what they have learnt, following and stretching their own ideas. This method and belief in your child is a proven way to keep children’s interests ignited and a philosophy that we follow, we find that it gives us inquisitive and resilient children who are happy and excited to learn, who can openly express their wants and needs whilst building friendships.


Explorers is managed and staffed by practitioners who are qualified and experts in their field. They have extensive knowledge of working with young children and all of the children’s activities and resources are designed to ensure they have the very best opportunities to be engaged, stretched and developed.


Outdoor play and fun is essential to happy child at Jollies House, we have an incredible garden space and our ethos is to be outside in all of the elements and enjoy nursery life in all weathers. We are lucky to have an outdoor and undercover area, a mud garden, sand pit and always have access to water play. Our trim trail is purposely built to ensure the children can develop their large motor skills and learning all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage are followed both outside and indoors. We believe we have all basis covered and that your child’s time at Jollies House will be everything they need to start their nursery adventure
Settling in

We ensure that your child has had settling in sessions prior to their first official day so that when they join us on day one, both you, as your child’s parent/carer and your child are happy and confident and you feel positive that your child is engaged and comfortable in their surroundings. It is extremely important to us that you are confident with how your child has settled so that you can leave them knowing they are relaxed and happy.

When your child joins us, their respective key person will assess where your child is with regards to their development and how we can encourage them to flourish and progress further. Your child will have their very own personalised bespoke learning journey ahead of them, alongside their next steps to ensure they are reaching milestones that will motivate them and develop an excitement and thrill about learning and what comes next.

Phonics and numbers are developed throughout their play and we continually motivate the children to develop their communication and language, personal social and emotional attributes alongside their physical development, both fine and gross motor skills. Exploring the world has continuity with experiments, open engagement and resources bought in from outside, and we continue to look at the expressive arts and different medium to further enrich your child’s sense of the world around them

The Explorers is a fabulous place to enjoy nursery life with a nurturing and exciting start. Jollies House has a policy of transparency, and as our families, your start to Jollies House will feel personal, special and the best introduction to nursery life.