Extra Curriculum Activities

At Jollies House we like to make the children’s life varied, interesting and we therefore enjoy a curriculum that encompasses a wide variety of activities that will enhance your child’s nursery life.

We always endeavour to enrich the lives of our Jollies Children and by adding variety and different experiences we know that we offer the very best and special attention that our children need and deserve

Mini Beasts

During the month of February we invite ZOOLAB to join us who introduce the children to minibeasts, that include snakes, spiders and rats to name but a few


We have sports4kids that join us once a week that both our Explorers and Adventurers absolutely love and enjoy such as dance, rugby, football and tennis

Day Trip

We also treat our Adventurers to a trip out where we all go on a coach trip and enjoy a local farm or similar, this is a huge day out for all of us at Jollies House and something the children absolutely thrive on.

Community Events

Whenever possible we like to support and get involved in all our local community projects including entering the Shepperton Horticultural societies seed growing and scarecrow competitions as well as Chertsey Fayre and other local events

Nativity Play

We hold a fabulous nativity play that include our Adventurers that is held in the bowling club across the way, that everyone is invited to, it is a mixture of song, acting and dance and is probably the crowing glory of Jollies House activities

Christmas Party

Both Adventurers and Explores enjoy a Christmas party where we invite an outside entertainer to spread Christmas cheer

Leavers Picnic

We also hold an annual Adventurers leavers picnic where everyone is invited including siblings and grandparents etc to celebrate the end of your child’s Jollies House Adventure

As we have a such a fantastic outdoor space our children experience nature at it finest in all weathers, with a hands on approach to bug hunting, managing risks, using tools and so much more.