Foragers Room

At Jollies House we have our children from nine months old to approximately eighteen months old, these are affectionately called our Foragers.

About Our Foragers

This is a calm and inspired room based around our ethos of nurture, care, nature and warmth, the room has been created to inspire and create explorations whilst remaining homely, tranquil and secure. Our room is designed to feel safe and confident whilst exploring exciting and new activities that can be navigated and learnt from.

We only have six Foragers at any one time and every member of the Foragers Jollies team has been trained and has experience of working with babies.

Outdoor play is encouraged, and we will be outside in a private age-appropriate space, exploring the garden and what nature has to offer us, we will offer sensory experiences, and have planning in place to ensure your child continues to reach good levels of development, with the use of treasure baskets, musical instruments and puppet play and lots more will all be part of your child’s day at Jollies House.


We will provide food for your child when they are weaning, however we ask that you provide your powdered milk that we will make up when they need either at your timed request or on demand. We will have a comprehensive discussion on sleeping where your child can get their rest on our willow coracle beds.

We look to have 5 milestones to be able to support your child’s development,

1. To be able to walk securely on foot
2. To start using cutlery and to feed themselves
3. Assert their own ideas and preferences and takes notice of other people’s responses
4. Understanding single words in context and to develop this skill, e.g., cup, milk, daddy, evolving to understanding simple sentences (e.g., Throw the ball)
5. Uses gestures, sometimes with limited talk, e.g., reaching towards a favored toy and saying “I want it’

Settling into our Foragers Room

Our settling in procedure is gradual and comprehensive, for both you and your child, you will be invited into Jollies House to spend the morning with your child’s key person, who will take the time to talk through your child’s, likes and dislikes, how they communicate, when they sleep, favourite foods etc.

We will do everything we can to ensure your child has everything they need to thrive and you as a parent and part of our Jollies family are happy and secure when leaving your baby with us.